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Social media has become the core factor of our daily routines. People are totally being dependent on it; even they don’t want to spend their life without it. We are blessed to be the inhabitants of this social media arena because it makes our life more effortless in various dimensions. ESP Inspire is providing digital marketing services that can not only make your life easy but also grow your business. As a digital marketing company, we help brands to achieve success across different digital marketing channels. So, if social media is delivering us many advantages to make our life more convenient, there are also disadvantages of using social media.  Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of social media in detail.

What are the advantages of Social Media?

So, we are going to jump in the major advantages of social media.

  • You attract the wider audience

It is the fact that the world is flooded with the billions of people that are totally relying on social media. It is the best time to connect the infinite users with your business. In fact, people are in search of the finding their needs via online. So, you can display the products or the services of your online business so that people will avail them. This the major benefit of the social media that it engages your services or products with the target audience. Pew Research Center statistically researched the percentage of the U.S. adults who use the social media sites online.

  • YouTube: 73%
  • Facebook: 68%
  • Instagram: 35%
  • Pinterest: 29%
  • Snapchat: 27%
  • LinkedIn: 25%
  • Twitter: 24%

Because the adults are using these sites, so bear in mind that this time is the gateway to make your business successful. The more you show your business via using these sites, the more you can engage the wider market. This is the social media that can approach your potential customers just because people spend daily hours using different social media platforms.

  • You make a direct bond with the audience

People always follow the things, they like to opt or view. Social media links you direct with the audience because as they follow your social media account it becomes well-proven that these followers are interested in availing your services or products.  There are other different benefits that social media can bless to your business.

  • You become familiar with the audience interests

One of the difficult tasks is about knowing what audience wants. When you come to know the interests of the audience and start sharing the content they intend to have, it increases the more chances to engage the audience with your business page.

  • You provide customer-care

It is so true that the customers can have problems regarding availing the services. So, when you sort out all the problems what they are facing, it gives them satisfaction. Customer’s satisfaction is one of the major priorities to create prosperous business. Dealing them with no ambiguity improves the customer’s experience as well as upgrades your brand.

  • You observe your business through audience

Social Media marketing plays a vital role in improving your business. As people interact to your business via online, they make themselves sure about the things they like or not. So, as you analyze that what audience demands the products or don’t like any specific element, it becomes easy for you to rectify that. Through perceiving your followers, it refines your social media marketing strategies to improve the requirements of the audience.

  • You can produce organic content for your brand

This factor also plays the key role in updating your business. It is the best opportunity that you can increase your leads by producing the organic content and posting them as photos or videos on your social media accounts, free of cost. The more you produce organic content, the more it engages the audience. As you post the content organically, it makes the interested audience to be familiar with the services or products and they avail them accordingly.

  • You can extend your business through advertising services

There are many people who are in the search of your products or services but not finding it, unfortunately. Through paid advertising strategy, it makes your business to pop up to the people who haven’t found your brand. ESP Inspire provides you the social media marketing services because we have the experience by shaping the social media advertising investments into more sales. As, these ads appear to the audience who were in search of your products or services, they become the new followers of your brand and lead customers as well.

  • You can develop your brand

While you share the content and update it, it goes to the interested audience. They see your brand again and again as you publish more organic content regarding it. This strategy makes the audience to be well familiar with your brand; it not only develops your brand but also increases its loyalty. The well-known brand is where the audience wants to purchase the products or services. There is another way of developing your brand through social media; just because social media allows the audience to share the content, so it means your followers can share the products or services of your brand to their friends or family. As they do so, your brand becomes progressed and familiar to more people.

  • Improves your web traffic

There is another amazing opportunity to enhance your business. Many social media platforms allow you to post the persuasive content and in doing so you can attach the link of your website with this content. While in the moment when people read that content and feels pleasure, that link drives them on your website and they come to know further about the services on your website.  So, it improves your website traffic, this way.

  • You become familiar with the valuable insights of audience

Social media helps you to have the beneficial information about your customers and that can lead your business with the appropriate solution. For instance, using social listing tools you can determine how your business is running actually and how people are experiencing it. This tool helps you in disclosing the conversations about your business and answering the queries about your offerings. So after perceiving all answers regarding these questions, you come to know about the valuable insights of the audience and your business can stand among the best.

What are some disadvantages of social media?

Here are some disadvantages of social media:

  • Negative feedback may tarnish your brand

There is a best scenario while using this social media, everyone can share the posts or content they like to, but also it appears as two-blade sword when people share the content or posts with what they have had bad experience. For instance, if someone experienced as bad or poor with your brand they will share it to their colleagues or family and this way your brand can get bad quality rating. Suppose there is an account of your brand on Facebook and someone gave bad review on your page. When people visit your page and check the comments section, that negative review can make them go back from your page. So, having too much negative reviews can leave a bad impression on your brand.

  • Time-consuming

For the sake of engaging audience to introduce your business, it is so clear that you have to create posts constantly. The more you share the posts about brand, the more it hooks the target audience. But it’s not that much easy, instead it demands a lot of time. If you have a small business and limited resources, then it becomes really difficult for you to manage social media marketing campaigns. It is compulsory that you have to manage the time for posting the content, answering the questions of the audience, but if you are unable to manage this way or you have not resources it can become as alarming situation to grab crowning achievement.

  • You don’t see immediate results

Immediate results always give satisfaction to companies as they invest in marketing strategies. Social media marketing’s campaigns don’t show you the quick results. You have to be patient for a long while. A single piece of content doesn’t show how much you have progressed, in fact; you have to share multiple pieces of content to determine your achievement.  This is one of the major drawbacks of the social media that you have to wait for weeks, even months to see outcomes.

  • It demands experience

Indeed social media is cost-efficiency to approach your target audience but also it has become complex to make your social campaigns successful. Ad campaigns, we take as an example, demand you to be familiar with the scenario about how to set and run them up, if you want to see the best outcomes. If you are not experienced with all these regards and don’t know how to manage them then it can be overwhelming for you. Also, you have to be acquainted with how to engage the audience in a proper way.

It’s not that much easy if you are running your side business, but fortunately ESP Inspire provides you the social media specialists who let your burden down. These people manage your online interactions and content at different social media platforms to improve your leads.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media

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