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If you are reading this article, you may have an idea of the potential that eCommerce platforms have. Almost a decade back, the eCommerce industry was not known to many business owners around the world. Most businesses relied on traditional channels of promoting and conducting business. While this may be true, the hassle involved in promoting a business and engaging potential customers to make a purchase was quite a lot. Not only that, but traditional marketing also costs a lot more than digital marketing. As a result, small businesses suffered a great deal in establishing their presence in the competitive market.

However, with the growing online technology, most businesses around the world have switched to online modes of conducting business. Unlike traditional methods, online marketing is hassle-free and has a much bigger impact on online users. Fast forward to this point, the eCommerce industry is dominating businesses around the globe. Small as well as large businesses are using smart tools and strategies to attract and engage online customers to increase their online sales rapidly. If you have stepped into the eCommerce industry and struggling to increase your online sales, you may need to look into your business’s online marketing strategy. The key factor involved in increasing your business’s online sales is having an effective eCommerce SEO strategy. In this article, we will point out the key eCommerce SEO services that you need to grow your online sales. 

Just like SEO plays a key role in driving traffic to your website, eCommerce SEO services play a similar part in optimizing your online store searches and product optimization. By using the right strategy, you can not only grow your online store web traffic but also increase the number of conversions per day. 

Why Ecommerce SEO Services Are Important?

If you have set up your online store and want to start selling online, you may want to make sure that you are directing the right type of web traffic (customers) to your online store website. The earlier you do it, the more are the chances to secure a higher search engine rank for your eCommerce website and grow your sales. While this may be valid, the only way to accomplish this step is to seek eCommerce SEO services for your online business. Online shoppers use product keywords to search for online stores selling those (or similar) products. If you have used the right product keywords on your online store website, your products have a much better chance to be found by potential customers searching online. More than 50% of users find a new product or company online after conducting a search. 

While the idea may sound simple, it is quite challenging to dig out the right keywords to add to your website. To build an effective SEO plan for your eCommerce website, you may need to figure out which product keywords are relevant to your website. This is where an eCommerce SEO company plays the role. The eCommerce SEO experts identify the right keywords for your online store and use them in the web pages of your online store website. 

By using keyword research tools and performing a thorough analysis of your business’s targeted audiences, the SEO experts target the most searched keywords relevant to your products to boost your rankings on search engines.  

Ecommerce SEO Services Workflow 

To help you understand how an eCommerce SEO services provider develops and executes a performance-driven strategy, we have listed below the key steps involved in the workflow. 

Keyword Research & Selection

The first step followed by an eCommerce SEO company is to identify the keywords used in your online store website. They use keyword research tools to dig out the keywords used by your website and check if they are among the most searched keywords or not. Here, it is important to mention that you may be using the right key phrases for your products but they might not be the best ones to drive customers to your website. By analyzing the competitor keywords (ranked among the top searches), the SEO experts compare and select those terms that have the best search volume for a particular product. For example, if you are selling android smartphones on your online shop and using the keyword “buy mobile phones online”, you may not be targeting the most suitable audience. If you use the keyword “buy android smartphone online”, this may get you the potential customers you need to drive to your website. 

Keyword Stuffing 

Once the best keywords are selected, the next step is to plant those keywords in the right places. The most important places on any eCommerce website to plant keywords include the homepage, page titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, image alt text, etc. SEO experts use keywords to create content for product optimization. It is important to mention that you may or may not seek content creation services from an SEO company. However, you will need to optimize these places on your website with the right keywords to rank at higher positions. We recommend seeking copywriting services to create keyword-rich and highly optimizable content for your website. 

Product Optimization

Ecommerce websites have product listing pages. These pages not only display product information but also direct customers to make a purchase decision. Therefore, it is highly important to direct most of your website traffic to product pages for maximum conversions. However, many eCommerce store owners overlook the importance of placing content on product pages. Such websites only show a product on a web page with basic information. For product optimization, it is important to place headings and content on each product page. Again, you may need to seek the services of copywriters to create keyword-rich content for your online shop. 

Site Navigation Optimization

Have you ever stepped into a shop where it was hard for you to find what you need? If yes, then site navigation optimization would not be a difficult concept to understand. To ensure maximum conversions and customer retention, you may need to optimize your website’s navigation structure. If you hire SEO experts to do the job, they can arrange your site’s navigation structure to optimize it in the best way possible for your online customers. 

How to Find Ecommerce SEO Services in Your Area? 

Just like finding the best product keywords can be a challenging process, finding the best eCommerce SEO company can also take a lot of thinking and research. However, you can find some of the best eCommerce SEO services by searching online for different SEO agencies. You may need to check customer reviews and the client portfolio of a company to make a decision. More importantly, you may need to compare the SEO packages of different companies to find the best fit for your online store optimization. 

Ecommerce SEO Services To Increase Online Orders

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