Google is home to many tips and tricks. You may use it to find almost any information. While most of the discussion lies around different parts of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), today we will be looking at some of the lesser-known techniques to find useful information on Google. These techniques also contribute to the overall ranking of a website. Finding Weird Stuff (FWS) is a relatively new term associated with content strategy management. It can help you to look up the information that you may not be able to find out otherwise. 

Let’s get into the details of FWS and how it can play a role in improving your SEO strategy. 

What Is FWS?

Finding Weird Stuff or FWS refers to some of the less-conventional methods of looking up potential information on Google. It plays an influential role in improving your SEO strategy. There are several ways to use the FWS methods in Google research practices. We will look into the core techniques and how they can help you in your content strategy development. 

Using the Site: Query 

The “Site:” search operator allows you to review the total number of indexed pages directly or indirectly associated with a specific URL. When you use this operator in the search bar, you may find a list of web pages linked to the listed URL. The pages may contain the direct URL extensions or backlinks formed and indexed over the years. 

This feature can help you analyze the SEO status of any website. You may analyze the quality of backlinks, the outdated web pages indexed in Google, and other domains pointing to the website. This information helps SEO consultants audit different URLs. They can create a list of all the indexed pages to work on individual pages. 

More often, some of the hidden website pages cause problems in improving the website’s rank. It may be difficult to identify such pages and work on them. However, using the “Site:” operator, you can work around this problem. 

Reviewing the Website Archives 

One of the many ways to restore the lost ranking of a website is by reviewing the “archive.org” lists. This URL takes you to the archives of old web pages that may have been abandoned over the years. Most often, websites undergo a redesign and create new pages. However, it takes them almost forever to rank them in the same positions. By reviewing the traffic history of a website’s old pages, you can analyze the missing elements in the new website structure. 

The website archives also help you compare the new and old URLs to get more ideas on improving the overall website traffic. 

Manual Company Name Searches 

Have you ever tried searching a company’s name on Google? We are quite sure you did. However, you might not have spent a lot of time visiting each link listed on the search result pages. Sometimes, clicking on multiple results may take you to an abandoned company page. Although the company may have an official website with a unique URL, there might be some old pages lying in the search directories of Google. 

Finding and working on such page links can help you improve your website’s SEO. These tactics can help link building experts in making quick fixes. 

Other FWS Techniques

Apart from the above-mentioned FWS methods, there are many other ways to find valuable information about websites. Let’s take a look at the list below:

  • Check the robots.txt and XML sitemaps
  • Use Google Search Console to find unknown content by following Coverage > Indexed
  • Review Page Speed Insights to find the factors slowing down your website and affecting the SEO
  • Review DNS to get a list of DNS files

How An SEO Agency Can Help?

If you need assistance in FWS methods, you can reach out to a professional SEO agency in your area. SEO experts are well-versed with all the FWS techniques to find useful information about different URLs. If you struggle in ranking your website among the top search results, you may discuss your project with one of the agency experts to start working on your SEO strategy. You may also choose other internet marketing services to enhance your business website’s presence over search engines. 

Finding Weird Stuff (FWS) Is a Part of SEO

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