Internet marketing has a vital value for businesses today. Regardless of a business’s marketing goals, there are several strategies practiced by web marketing agencies to promote the business in the desired targeted audience. As many of us know by now that both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) are internet marketing strategies with proven results. Many companies often state this confusion that which of the two strategies is effective to accomplish their marketing goals. The answer is that both of these strategies can work based on the desired business objectives. However, both SEO and PPC have their advantages and disadvantages. This article will help you to explore key differences between SEO and PPC to help you choose wisely.

What is Pay-Per-Click (PPC)?

Pay-per-click is an internet marketing technique by which any business can pay a specified cost to the host website each time an ad is clicked. For example, website A has a particular space (on the webpage) to display advertisements, and another website B places an ad for its product or service on that allocated space. Now, when a website visitor lands on website A and clicks on the ad of website B, then website B pays a fee (cost) to website A each time the ad is clicked. Search engine advertising works in the same way. People search for a keyword on the search engine. The search engine displays an ad link to the visitor. When the visitor clicks on the link, the advertised website pays the cost of the click to the search engine. You can look up on the internet for professional marketing services offered by PPC management companies in California.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the most effective internet marketing strategy today. With the help of SEO, a website gets organic traffic through higher visibility in search engine results. SEO improves the website’s visibility on search engines by displaying it among the top listed results on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP). For example, if you type a search query ‘Website development services in the search engine, the websites that make up the top results have higher chances of engaging website visitors as compared to the results displayed closer to the bottom of the page. SEO helps a website to rank higher in SERPs to receive more clicks, traffic and leads for your business.

If you are confused about which of the two strategies you need to opt for your business, the following comparison can help you.

Long Term vs. Short Term

A successful digital marketing plan consists of several goals based on the business’s current market status. Some of the strategies are fruitful for short-term plans with quick results. However, some of the techniques are effective in a long-term plan with greater goals to achieve.

PPC is a short-term strategy in which you can expect early ad clicks. Meanwhile, SEO is a long-term practice that shows results over months or years based on several technical as well as non-technical aspects.

So, if you are looking to achieve some quick sales of your products, PPC may work for you and you can find professional PPC services in California. On the flip side, if your company has multiple services to offer, you may need to focus on sustainable website traffic and search engine popularity for your website. To put it simply, SEO is more efficient to achieve long-term and sustainable growth.


Pay-Per-Click and Search Engine Optimization Which Strategy is Effective for Your Business?

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