The Power of SMO (Social Media Optimization)

SMO or the new SEO, as few people like to call it, is the way forward in the social media ecosystem for many companies looking to thrive. But what’s SMO exactly? The perfect alliance between search engine optimization and social media is Social Media Optimization or SMO. It is used by social media channels and communities to increase brand or product awareness. This includes using social media sites, video sites as well as RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, and blogging sites to drive traffic to the website and enhance the organic search results of the website.

We’ve all seen how marketing has evolved in the past. How the methods became obsolete and how the fresh one remained. In addition, Big Screens and panels swooped the spreading of fliers and posters across the market. Hoarding and banners are replaced over the social sites by cover images and Gifs. The importance of social media optimization and its services is changing the path of traditional marketing.

Publishing and designing content on social networks to promote sharing and engagement are some of SMO’s key motives. Great examples of SMO are a Facebook sharing button on your website or an RSS feed on your blog. Following are a few examples to show you how powerful SMO techniques are and how great these techniques can affect your SEO process.

1-      Strong web presence of your business:

With SMO, you can provide the business with a strong web presence and establish the brand’s internet authority. Not only does it introduce people to the business, it also helps branding, enhancing brand visibility and recall. Once you have set foot in the digital realm and made your mark through SMO, then it is a sure thing that your brand’s reach would also increase.

2-      It helps to reach out to the target audience:

Optimization of social media offers the opportunity to reach the niche audience. The medium enables you to position the brand on their own terms for the customers. With mobile, video and audio accessibility, your customers can reach you anywhere, anywhere.

3-      It generates more traffic:

Social media optimization is a great source for generating traffic. The channels of social media enable you to reach customers around the world. This can also happen without any additional investments. The more traffic is generated towards your website, the more leads you can bag.

4-      It converts traffic into leads:

While social media is especially useful to brand and create a buzz, it is increasingly being used for lead generation. Tapping into the channels of social media can significantly transform the campaigns of the lead generation.

5-      It helps to improve your ranking on search engines

The synchronization of the optimization of the search engine and the marketing efforts, it can also help to improve the search engine ranking. SMO has gained prominence among marketers since search engines have started to acquire data from social media channels like Google+ and show them on the search results.

Businesses need to keep their content relevant and shareable in order to make the most of social media optimization. The more content is shared, the better its search engine rankings would be. This will result in a strong presence of social media and drive traffic to the website as well.

The Power of SMO (Social Media Optimization)

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